Cover Gush: Lone Bear

Lone Bear Cover Reveal: Feb 28

I can’t wait to reveal the cover for Lone Bear! Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations did the cover for me, and it’s awesome!

Lone Bear is my first book and my first book cover. I thought about doing the cover myself, but about thirty seconds later, I realized it would look like something I’d made myself. And not in a good way.

I told Sarah I wasn’t sure if I should stick to the tried-and-true Beefcake and Bear cover. On the one hand, we all love them, they tell us right away we’re looking at a shifter romance, and they work! At the same time, I wondered if I should go with something unique that reflected the Solo Shift series. (More about the series in a few days!)

What did Sarah give me?

  • A great cover! When I got her initial proposal, I spent the next five minutes scrolling between her write-up and her concept picture, just so I could admire it.
  • When the original title wouldn’t fit on the cover, she came up with a much better title!
  • She came up with a dummy tag line for the cover for demo purposes. I used her idea as inspiration for my own tag line!

Spoiler alert: both beefcake and bear made the cover, but my guy’s bundled up. Shirtless beefcake is sexy until hypothermia sets in 🙂