Lone Bear

Lone Bear cover: A man bundled for cold weather stares into a wintry forest. Behind him, his shadow forms the image of a bear. Above the man's head is the book cover, "Lone Bear", the author's name, Nicole Lake, and the tag line "Space for himself. Space for his secret. Everything he needs. Almost."


I just want a new home. Some place remote where I can fly, far from prying eyes. Eyes that aren’t ready to see someone turn into an eagle and back. But now I’m stranded up in the Rockies in the middle of nowhere with a total stranger. A total stranger and a total hunk, exactly the kind of guy my eagle usually wants me to bed.

But why does my eagle want more than just his bed?

And even if that’s not a total train wreck of a bad idea, how do I explain myself to Austin?


I’ve got everything I need. Space for my bear to roam freely. A cozy cabin I built with my own hands–and paws when no one was around. Just enough human interaction to remind me how to behave. And work that pays well enough to pay for all of that. Until some stranger’s car hit the ditch in front of my cabin just as a blizzard hit, leaving her stranded with me for two days.

Two days of awkwardness around this gorgeous woman, two days of hiding my bear from her, and two days of ignoring my bear’s usual urge to bed every reasonably attractive woman. And Erika’s far more than reasonably attractive.

But does my bear want more from Erika than just a temporary bed-warmer?

And even if my bear’s urges make sense this time–which they don’t—how do I explain myself to Erika?


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